Green Bee Tea Towels

A Word About Bees

Did you know bees are the most successful pollinators on the planet? These tiny, beautiful creatures are also incredibly smart and collaborative, working tirelessly to collect pollen and nectar and bring it back to the hive where they, miraculously, make honey and honeycomb. And they, along with other pollinators, are essential to our food supply. Although we don’t think about them much, we would be lost without bees.

We, at Green Bee, are inspired by the determination of bees—and we are proud to be the home of premier, quality, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, screen-printed tea towels from the heartland. We work hard to create products that are not only beautiful and fun, but also functional and durable.

What Is A Tea Towel?

In 18th century England, the lady of the house used tea towels to dry delicate china and insulate tea pots. Today, these unique towels can be used by everyone for almost anything. 

What Makes Our Tea Towels Special?

At just $10 each, our tea towels are affordable gifts for every occasion. With over 100 designs in multiple colors and variations, our tea towels are an unexpectedly cheeky gift that keeps your kitchen squeaky clean.

We handprint our tea towels on cotton flour sack material, a textile originally used in the mid-1800s to transport and store grain, sugar and other food staples. We use specialty inks that adhere to the fabric, so designs don’t fade, peel, melt or dye other fabrics. All towels are pre-washed, pre-shrunk and 100% cotton—and they require no special care.  Just wash and dry (and even bleach and iron), then pour yourself a glass of wine.