About Me

Hi there! My name is Kate Petersen.  I am the "Elsie" half of "Hattie & Elsie".  A little about me...I'm a single mom of two fabulous kids, ages 5 and 17. I started Hattie & Elsie as a hobby in 2014 for extra income while working on my teaching degree. After graduating in 2016, I decided to step it up to full time so I could be at home with my daughter, who was 6 months old. After that, I dove in head-first vending at shows and selling at local shops.  I am driven to grow my business and recently opened a brick and mortar shop in Milton, WI!

My mom, Christy, is the "Hattie" half of "Hattie & Elsie".  She taught me everything I know about being a maker.  She was a crafter in the 80's and early 90's and I was often her assistant.  I am thankful that I learned from her and have been able to turn that knowledge and talent into my own business to support my family.

You can find Hattie & Elsie products at our store 650 College St Milton, WI.  We also have a booth on the main level at Vintage Bliss Décor, 3100 S Riverside Dr, Beloit, WI. Follow my Facebook or Instagram pages for updates.