Summer Scents - Soy Melts

Summer Scents - Soy Melts

  • $6.00

Grapefruit pine is Summer's answer for those that enjoy burning Pine scents all year!

Grapefruit Pine:
Top: PIne, Grapefruit
Middle: Green
Bottom: Wood, Vanilla

Summer Slushee is a delicious fruit blend that will have you thinking of yummy summer popsicles and frozen treats!

Summer Slushee:

Top: Cherry Syrup, Orange
Middle: Shaved Vanilla Ice, Citrus
Bottom: Lime Juice, Fizz

Bonfire Marshmallow is a mix of bonfire with a hint of toasted marshmallow that will have you reminiscing of nights around the campfire!

Bonfire Marshmallow:

Top: Roasted Marshmallows, Cedar Wood
Middle: Brown Sugar, Sandalwood
Bottom: Sweet Caramel, Musk, Amber




Scent Strength:

Melts: 24 hours per ounce. Melters with electric heating pads work best.